Pup + Bear Take Rome: Birthday Edition

Summer 2018 | July 12 -15th

Rome, Italy

I traveled to Rome, Italy for my birthday weekend with my lovely roommate, whom I affectionately refer to as Bear. I quite enjoying giving people terms of endearment, and I had called her ‘dear’ when we first met but she heard ‘bear’ so it stuck; I am pup. Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled blog post…

I touched down in Rome on the 12th of July and slept throughout most of the day because I was so hot and tired; finding the Airbnb was a nightmare. Our adventure began the following day, and I would suggest wearing comfy shoes of you visit some of the hilly places on this list.

See my adventures by following this map:

Churches:We visited quite a few churches while we were in Rome, mostly due to the fact that there seems to be one on every corner. The first was Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano because it was a few minutes away from where we stayed and it was on our way going further into the city. It was golden!! to say the least. The artworks and the intricate details of the designs were all encrusted in gold and it was so quiet I could literally hear myself think. People could participate in the service but we didn’t go at a time when services were in session. Somehow it always boggles my mind that the buildings look so small on the outside but so grand when I enter them. Of course, we took pictures and then also of the other churches we visited. We even managed to catch a concert among schools at the Piazza Santi Apostoli.

Piazza Venezia: Most parts of this location was erected in ancient Rome, and some of the sites are still standing. We saw the remains of the Trajan’s Column and the Trajan Market. We also walked up the steps of the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia and saw the Altar of the Fatherland, but didn’t go inside as the doors were closed to the public.

Piazza Navona: This stop provided us with some seemingly inappropriate statues, or I just have a very dirty mind.

Trevi: It was packed when we went to visit the sits and we could hardly get a proper photo because everyone and their mothers were trying to do the same. The Trevi Fountain was magnificent in itself with water so clear it glistens, and the money thrown inside only makes it more appealing to the eyes. We were informed that the city removed over 2 million euros from the fountain each year from well wishers who drop money in for good luck. The building behind the fountain was also a sight to behold. The detailing alone captivated me, I can just imagine what an artist must experience when they see this site.

The Pantheon:We didn’t get to fully enjoy this majestic yet crowded site. It was literally like a sardine tin and as soon as I got in I rushed to get out as soon as I could. The building is quite gigantic and may be a bit intimidating. The ceiling or lack thereof inside is quite something. There is a perfectly circular hole in the middle of the building that allows natural light to pass through. The art works are pieces that deserves to be gazed upon, and on my next trip to Rome, I will make the trip to the Pantheon to fully explore all that it has to offer. Outside, we were serenaded by a street guitarist playing John Legend’s All of Me.

Villa Borghese Gardens: I would live in this garden given the chance to do so. It sit atop a hill which required some climbing, so this is where the need for comfortable shoes arises. We first saw Terazza del Pincio which is a great spot to get a fantastaic view of the city. We took photos and played in bubbles as if we were children- it was my birthday, so I had all right to do as I pleased. We ventured further into the garden and there was a park up there, and we seemed to have missed some sort of memo because there were a lot of couples up there making out. Super cute place, especially if you wish to relax mid-adventure.

Vatican City: Getting here was very tiring because google maps told us one thing while the guards told us another. There is a hill to climb, so be ready for that.

We didn’t get ticket to go inside and explore the Vatican because we didn’t get tickets in advance, but we took pictures outside and we looked oh so fabulous doing so! Some random people were trying to sell us tickets for 50euros, but we said no, so beware of scammers in those Vatican streets. The buildings and the wall surrounding the city were quite large, and may be a little intimidating, but the experience and background were great. Sadly, we didn’t meet the Pope!!

Colosseo: We also didn’t get tickets to explore the Colosseum as we’d hoped and the line was long anyway, so not much regrets here. I did, however, manage to get a few photos of myself outside of the structure. And, of course, I looked oh so fabulous doing so. We went, saw, and conquered. Close by were the Roman Forum and the Arch of Constantine.

Trastevere: This was probably one the coolest places I’ve ever explored. We went at night, but I wish we could’ve seen it during the day. The tram took us from the other side of the city where we were staying and dropped us off a few blocks away. We walked around for a bit and took a few pictures and then headed to a restaurant to eat pasta and drink wine and beer like it’s nobody’s business. After consuming way too much food to even speak about, we went to get gelato (which was my first time trying it; and the concept of the dessert is brilliant- I say so myself). I sang with a random street artist playing the violin, so there’s a video somewhere of me singing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect.’


  • Le FoodieCafe Bistrot – I encountered this cute little bistro as soon as I hopped off the train (San Giovani). l had a wonderful cup of tea and a sort of pastry that I never quite caught the name of.
  • Le Lanterne– We visited on my birthday because it was the closest restaurant to where we were, but the foo was divine. I had fettucine alfredo with chicken and beer an only got a photo afterwards because I was too famined to remember to get one prior to eating.
  • Spaccio Pasta – I had burgers as I like to try burgers wherever I go, and my roomie ha Gnoochi which she said was really good.
  • Cajo e Gajo– This was in Trastevere and we got free wine samples while waited to be seated. The food was absolutely great and tasty, I again ha pasta and beer because I’m in Italy so why no enjoy one of my absolute favorite dishes.
  • We also stopped at a few ice cream and gelato shops around the city. The best gelato I had was at Gelateria Artigianale Cremì – Gelateria Trasteverein Trastevere.
  • Get the Glovo app because it is very convenient, especially when we were craving McDonald’s

Recommendations:Get tickets for the Vatican and Colosseum in advance. Trastevere is a must, Trevi, and the Pantheon. Stop by any restaurant and eat, because the reviews I saw online did not necessarily match my experience.

Takeaway: This was a cool city to explore, wish I had more time to do so because I had a list of places I wanted to see. We walked around and mingled with the locals which was pretty neat, and we bought little souvenirs for ourselves and loved ones; tested beauty products and ate gelato across the city. It is definitely a recommended place to visit, and I hope to revisit again sometime in the future.

Until next time…

Great Exploring…
    – Tiffany ♥

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