Dilly Dilly! I’m Back in Philly…

So, I’ve been in Europe for the past two months, and I am finally home. It was a wonderful trip; I met some great people, had a lovely birthday, and I traveled to a few new places. What could be better? Actually, I will share all the details (you know, my misadventures and then some) and also all that went right!

I shall be sharing many posts in the coming weeks (which will most likely be annoying 😈) about some of the happenings in my travels. Be on the lookout for that.  Also, I am officially a college graduate as of today, so kudos to ME!

I am excited to be home to Mi Mommy! Yes, I am a kidult, plus my mother is great, so why wouldn’t I be excited about that?

Sidenote:- My Instagram game is getting strong in these streets. I don’t post thirst traps or anything like that so… don’t go there if that’s what you want to find🤨. It’s kinda aesthetically pleasing, at least, I THINK SO🤔.

That’s all for now!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
– Tiffany♥

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