Life Updates- April 2018!


I am so tired and I am so done with school. I am sure that anyone in University/ college can feel me on this one, especially at this point in the semester. I am honestly just done and can’t wait to graduate.

FEBRUARY 2018– I went to Fashion Week, as you may have already know. It was all courtesy of Glitter Magazine. Check me out, one more time at NYFW 2018.


MARCH 2018– I went to BET and BET Her’s Black Women In Media Awards Conference on the 28th. It was a blast. I took a lot of photos but I got a new phone and, unfortunately, I lost all of them. But, I got to meet my former employer, Ms. Fowler, who was also awarded at the ceremony. She started her magazine – Glitter Magazine- in 2006, and it is well deserved.

Check out this mini-video of the event!

APRIL 2018- Classes are finally over and I can breathe. Four whole months of hard work and late nights and it is over, finally. This is my current mood!


MAY 2018 – Exams are piling up but I shall survive.

This yet to happen but the silver lining of this story is that I graduate in T-minus 13 days. I am beyond excited for it. I have spent the last four years of my life in one institution that has drained me but also provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to find a job upon leaving. Thousands of dollars for school with free depression. I shall say no more!

I hope you had a better quarter of a year than I did! I will be updating very soon, with all the fun graduation and adulting stuff…

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
    – Tiffany ♥

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