Fenty Beauty For The Win!

Hey there again,

So.. I have been waiting months for this! When the products first launched, I missed getting a shade for my skin because all of the colors in the 400 hues was sold out as soon as they dropped in Philly and it was the same online. I went to the store, got matched and fast forward to December 2017, I made sure to get my match as soon as the store restocked.

I usually have a hard time finding foundations because my skin tone changes so often and acne is a bitch. So, when I do find one, it covers the spot but is shiny and you can literally peel the makeup off of my face. Or, it does absolutely nothing for me. Then cam FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA, and all is well. And, my days of struggling to find a foundation to fits my complexion are over. My face shall struggle no more.

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging! Truly beautiful, simple and very ME. A little pink but not so much that it is too girly and black and white. Love! The Match Stix Trio is magnetic, so why would you lose it right?

I am Foundation #440/ #420 (depending on the day), and in my Match Stix Trio, there is Espresso for contour, Suede for Concealing and Sinamon for highlight.

Whenever I wear these products, I have a photoshoot, just because. My skin looks clear and nice and no spots are poking through the foundation. Best part, I wear it every day for 5- 12 hours and I don’t get shiny. Can I get an amen?!

Check me out! Got me out here feeling like a model or whatever! Come thru with the beat Tiffany!


I have a lazy eye! 😉


Rihanna has me out her showing up and showing out! Did you get yours? If not? Oh… You are missing out!

Until Next Time…

Stay Fabulous!

– Tiffany♥

4 replies to “Fenty Beauty For The Win!

  1. You have great skin! I got the foundation in the shade 330! It’s my absolute favourite thing. The formula is incredible!

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